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14,400 Minutes by Chance the Rapper. Take a listen. The message of the song has nothing to do with my post.

The NFL has indefinitely suspended Ray Rice and now, Adrian Peterson; along with Adrian Peterson’s recent suspension from the NFL, Nike has taken action by suspending his contract because they, “in no way condone child abuse or domestic violence of any kind.”

My thoughts on this later! But, who will the NFL or any other major sports league decide to blast negatively next?


Bucket list.

One thing I’ve never done that they always do in movies is eat pizza while holding the box with the lid open.

Btw, I have a weird analysis of what the bucket list might do to your psychological state of happiness.

I actually have no bucket list.

Don’t be sad that I don’t have one…it doesn’t bother me.

Updated my avatar (forcibly through Gravatar).


Took this one right after the barbershop. I can never style my hair like the barber does.

There it is in all its might.

Uh huh.

Eric Weddle inspired, Snoop Dogg modifications made.

Snoopify is such an old app, but if used sparingly and with care, you can come up with some nice things.