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Boom, crash!

Badum-tish! (I had to do a Google search for spelling purposes [I had to specify Google because I could have said Bing or AskJeeves {Does AskJeeves still exist?}] and came up with this #1 result: http://www.badum-tish.com/

Hmm…where was I?

Oh, so I was in the shower not too long ago and I knocked a bottle off the shelf but I caught it in time to avoid that horrific sound it produces. It’s so unnecessarily loud; when you’re downstairs and you hear bottles causing mayhem, I’m pretty sure you feel the same worry I do.

In order to avoid this unnecessary anxiety about a family member that might have been knocked unconscious due to a 1, 2, slip (now sing that in your Ciara voice…you sound great!), I like to just pretend they’re bowling.


This angry soul is far from bowling.



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